**Seconds** Mini clutch - Succ it grey + sequins
**Seconds** Mini clutch - Succ it grey + sequins
**Seconds** Mini clutch - Succ it grey + sequins


**Seconds** Mini clutch - Succ it grey + sequins

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** Perfectly imperfect, this one has some rippling due to the interfacing used, so its considered a second. Works perfectly and is still gorgeous. **

Clutches, we love em', we use em'... and they add that finishing touch to make the perfect outfit. These are especially nifty because if you spill your drink on them, you can just wipe it clean. No fuss no muss, plus they look cute.

Made with double polished clear PVC vinyl

Contrasting neon stitching

Contrasting inner fabric

Hidden magnet closure

14 x 23 cm approx

* Hand embellished with sequins 

Each clutch is handmade from original schudio textiles. Each piece may vary slightly to the one shown on screen, as they are cut from a repeat fabric. So you'll get the same fabric as shown, but the print layout might be a little different.

Handmade in Ipswich QLD, handmade means every piece is unique and perfectly imperfect, coz we aren't machines (waiting for robot assistant).