We are best friends who after studying Interior design together had dreamed of working one day as a team, now working as a creative duo is our passion, our love and a big part of our friendship!

Who knew that sharing a $0.50 zooper dooper on the first day of university, over 14 years ago would lead to this?

Over the years we discovered that we shared more than just great taste in ice block flavours. We also both love Kim's art and we go gaga over textiles in any form. The logical step after 4 years of studying Interior Design (using each others houses as studios) and a further 5 years stuck to each others hip, was to create our own brand incorporating two of our loves.

In early 2013 we both grew a set and began Schudio as a way of making Kim's artwork more accessible. We have achieved so much in the last 5 years and couldn't be happier with our latest range of artist inspired textiles available right here in our store. We have tried many many many many many many things and have failed many many many many many many times. But some of our highlights include:

Our products being available in 5 boutiques across South East Queensland
Being invited to participate in 3 RAW artists promoting artists showcases
Opening our VERY OWN bricks and mortar store (now closed so we can focus on world domination through our own brand)
Being invited to be involved in 3 pop up markets at Pottery Barn
Collaborating with David Jones!
Being featured on The Great South East TV program in Queesland
Being featured in MANY local newspaper and magazine articles in Ipswich and on a few local blogs.

Yeah. I think we need a holiday. We have been busy! But we can't imagine anything else we would rather be doing. We love creating new pieces for you.

Keep following us to see what other crazy things we get up to.

Hey! I am Cass. Kim furnishes the looks and I furnish the brains! Lol. In all seriousness I make all of the products you will see in our store with my trusty sewing machine and my two comically small hands.

I am Kim. I need a reward for putting up with Cass for this long! Hahaha. Nah, she is great and really does have small hands (but so do I) I am the artist behind all the fabulous textiles featured in our products so all I can say is "you're welcome".

I also happen to look after the socials and graphic design and web stuff behind our brand.

We make all dem big decisions together, and despite us both being control freaks, we usually agree... although Kim usually makes Cass do what she says.