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We are an Ipswich based design duo with a passion for art and textiles. Our focus is on creating beautiful art based textiles products which are made by us.

Hey, Cass and Kim here.

We are a couple of bright and crazy creatures who met studying Interior Design, and we have been inseparable ever since (like seriously, our studio is in Kim’s house, she can’t get rid of me). We are passionate about so many things and have made it our life’s work to bring these things to your home and wardrobe.
We started Schudio as a way of making Kim’s incredible artwork available to the masses.

By designing our own textiles we discovered that the possibilities were endless. Anywhere that fabric could be applied could feature a piece of art masterfully created by Kim. In the interest of good taste however, we have decided (finally) to focus on a few key pieces that are a MUST HAVE in every home and wardrobe. When designing these MUST HAVE items, we wanted to ensure that we were bringing the masses the most outstanding quality, increasing the longevity of the artwork. It is for this reason that we ALWAYS use Australian suppliers when sourcing our materials, we ALWAYS use natural fibres in our printed fabric and (because we are a couple of control freaks) we ALWAYS, make our creations ourselves. These values are non-negotiable and the reason why you will never find another product exactly like ours.

In the interest of aiding customers in filling their homes and wardrobes with a selection of art inspired textiles, we have filled our shop with a range of our cushions, fashion apparel and accessories. All of our textiles have been hand drawn by Kim before being digitally enhanced and sent off to Melbourne for printing with the wonderful team at Next State Printing. We ALWAYS use fabric comprised of 100% natural fibre, currently this is Cotton and Linen. After our fabric arrives back to the studio we inspect it (this usually involves a lot of happy dances and high fives) and match it to plain cotton fabrics, and various embellishments, sourced from Australian suppliers. Once each item has been designed, Cass sews each piece, with Kim looking over her shoulder to ensure they are all of an exceptional quality.

As we are the designers and manufacturers of our products we ensure that we maintain fair working conditions. We do this by ensuring we bring each other coffee and food. No seriously, we ALWAYS use Australian suppliers for our materials for this very reason. The only part of the process we don’t physically do ourselves is the printing of our fabric, this is taken care of by the wonderful team at Next State Printing in Melbourne and they take every care in making sure that their team members are also well fed and caffeinated.

We aim to reduce our environmental footprint (feet are gross anyway) by using Australian suppliers and natural or recyclable materials. We even save our fabric off cuts for use in future projects. We don't always get it right (we are but two small humans in this world) but we are always looking at improving our practices so that our creations can enjoy safe, clean and fulfilling lives.

Online collective

We have a small online collective of curated and beautiful items, which have also been handmade in Australia. We love these brands and what they make, and hope you do too.

Have any questions you want to ask? Get in touch, we won't bite.