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LRG Heat/cool pack - NanaRama (latte)
LRG Heat/cool pack - NanaRama (latte)
LRG Heat/cool pack - NanaRama (latte)


LRG Heat/cool pack - NanaRama (latte)

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Tired legs, sore shoulders, cramping? Whatever your ailment, a heat pack usually can cure it... I mean sure not everything, but a lot of stuff. Microwave or chill out in the freezer, these rice filled non scented packs of goodness have you sorted.

You're welcome!

Rice filled (gluten free)

Non scented (well rice smells, like rice)

Microwave according to instructions, dry heat (no water in microwave)

LRG 2mins max

Freeze until chilled (cold compress only, not an ice pack)

DO not submerge in water, spot clean with a damp cloth.

** Bold banana print on latte (a soft pastel coffee) background