We met Shannan (Birdee and Star) at an exhibition in Brisbane 2016, we were selling at the same event and became instantly connected. Both new in our creative small business journeys, we had lots to share. She joined the retail collective space we opened in Ipswich, and stayed with us online after its closure 2 years later. We are so proud to have her as our stockist and friend.


Birdee & Star was originally born from a dream to create fun, retro and boho inspired jewellery, decor and fashion accessories. Since opening in 2015, Birdee & Star has evolved to include´╗┐ an array of styles made from various mediums.

Shannan is a mixed media artist and primarily produces  creations from eco resin, acrylic, wood and polymer clay as well as featuring other adornments such as pom poms and tassels.
Many of her pieces are true one-off creations or made in limited runs so you are always guaranteed to find something beautifully handmade and unique.

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