Meet the maker - Schudio

The person/people behind the brand.

What makes you tick? We are a couple of crazy chicks doing our thing. We love; animals, art, colour, Australian made, handmade, singing badly, dancing badly to the cars that drive by the shop and puns - Dad jokes are the best. Tell us we can't do it and we will prove you wrong. Don't mess with us short ladies, we are closer to the ground, we don't have as far to fall.

 Why did you start?

We started Schudio as a way of making Kim's amazing art accessible to a wider community. That and we have a slight obsession with cushions and homewares and stationary and textiles and... well you get the idea. We also believe in slow fashion, Australian made and investment pieces. People place more value in pieces that are quality and handmade and we wanted in on that.

What is your favourite creation to date and why?

Our new roundie succulent cushions (pictured below). They are so fricken cute with their roundness and their pom poms, you just want to squish them all up and snuggle with all the pretty patterns. They also include a recycled PET cushion insert which means we are being enviromentally friendly by reducing landfill. Is there seriously a better cushion? Maybe our floor cushions... they are pretty special also featuring our super cute pom poms.



What is your most popular product, how much is it and how can people buy it?

Most popular product recently has been our succulent cushions. There are 3 designs in 2 colourways. The most popular size or shape has been the roundie. Guess we hit the nail on the head there. Our favourite AND the fan favourite. People just can't get enough of them. We recently sent 3 to California! They are $65 each including the cushion insert and can be purchased in our studio store in Ipswich, on our website, in our etsy store or you can message us through our socials.



What is the strangest question someone has asked you about your brand or one of your products?

People always ask us how to pronounce Schudio. When we tell them, 9 times out of 10 they break into song, its a Phil Collins reference, you'll get it in a it? Hey, as long as you remember us we don't mind. We have also been asked if you can wash our rice filled heatpacks. Sure if you don't mind a boiled rice DON'T WASH THEM!


What has been your biggest achievement/proudest moment/pinch yourself moment in your creative business?

We have had so many pinch yourself moments. We have been able to showcase our products at RAW three times. We have held 2 pop up shops in Pottery Barn. Yeah we know that hugely successful international furniture and homewares store. We also opened a bricks and mortar studio store. I mean come on. What the?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years we will be the go to place in Ipswich for all of your quality, handmade gifts and homewares. You will also find the Schudio brand in other amazing boutique retail stores Australia wide. Or world domination, whichever.

How do you want to be remembered?

As two crazy cats with a bundle of energy, personality and a wicked sense of humour who gave pursuing their creative dream a go. We don't ask for much.

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