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 Shannan Ricketts - Birdee & Star
We have spoken a lot about ourselves recently, where our inspiration comes from and what makes us tick. We thought we might also introduce our fabulous makers of all things wonderful and available on our website.
The first lovely lady we would like to introduce is the fabulous Shannan from Birdee and Star. This boss lady has a passion for all things creative like no other. Read on to hear her story.

I think if you told me years ago that I would become a jewellery designer one day I think I might have laughed!  Although I remember in Year 3 I used to weave rings and bangles out of grass and sold them (or swapped for lollies) to my friends.  Hmmmm...maybe I should have seen this coming... LOL!

I have always been a very creative soul.  One of the first things I wanted to be as a child (besides a ballerina and a paleontologist) was an artist.  It was my absolute passion!  Everywhere I went I had a notepad and pen in tow so that I could doodle, write or whatever took my fancy! I used to write and illustrate books, draw comics, paint and write poetry.  I was even lucky enough to be published on a few occasions and won awards as a child. My Mum also taught me how to use polymer clay and other crafts and soon I became obsessed with making all the things!  When I was about 15 I taught myself how to make dream catchers and that became my first official business venture.

I also have a passion for photography and film making and went on to pursue these studies further after high school.  I also love cartoons, animation and graphic design and have dabbled a little here and there.  I am passionate about art in all its forms, particularly fine, pop and abstract. As you can see I am a little bit of a creative nut!

Queen Cartouche Hieroglyphics Dangles

So why jewellery?

Well when I came up with my business name about a decade or so ago, I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted it to be. Originally I had thought of selling artwork and accessories but I wasn't yet ready to move forward with my ideas.

In 2015 whilst raising my first child, I felt inspired to make accessories and decor. I was very much into the pinup scene at the time (I have a lifelong obsession with all things retro - thanks to my lovely Nanas xox) so I began to make resin vintage inspired jewellery.  I am self taught (Graduate of the University of Google and YouTube) and used to make my own moulds from clay and silicone and created multilayered brooches and earrings.  

Fairy Bread Geo Studs

My designs also began to incorporate bohemian styles and elements as that lifestyle is also a big part of who I am.  I have studied astrology since I was 11 and have extensive knowledge of crystals and other spiritual subjects. In addition to these interests, astronomy has been fascinating me since an early age. I used to look through my telescope for hours at a time and even covered my ceiling in glow in the dark stars to represent the position of the 88 constellations and other celestial objects. Yep, I guess you could say that I like space!  LOL

Seven Sisters Constellation Dangles - Jericho Road x B+S Collaboration

I have always been a fashion and jewellery lover (especially earrings - no surprises there!) but I had always felt frustrated by the quality of many main stream retailers. I would buy something cute and after a few wears it would discolour, break or irritate my skin. The design would often be good but the quality wasn't the best.  So I thought that I could make my own quality statement jewellery that people could enjoy for years to come - and here we are today!

My brand has certainly evolved since it's humble beginnings!  I have a thirst for knowledge and I enjoy learning new skills.  I love using this medium to express my creative ideas and I am constantly coming up with new designs.

I am now the proud Mum of two beautiful and energetic little boys and run my little biz from home whilst raising the kids with my husband and living life! They are constantly inspiring and challenging me but at the end of the day this is all for them. I want to show them that dreams really can and do come true.

Totes Jelly Jellyfish Dangles
Find a selection of her work with us in 'shop our collective' or her full store here Birdee and star

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