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Our 'Feet' matter

What's in a foot? Words by - Cassie Doherty Images by - Kim Schubel - Recently we posted a blog about why we started Schudio Studio. Since posting our story we have been asked to elaborate on our statement about being as environmentally conscious as possible. This is a statement that can sometimes be thrown around lightly by businesses wishing to portray themselves as forward thinking and aligning themselves with the current sustainable movement. We, by no means think that our policy is perfect but we are very serious about doing our part to reduce waste and our environmental footprint.One of our first decisions when building our business was to only use Australian suppliers for our materials and packaging. This...

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Ahh, all those memories!

Well hello there. Words by - Cassie DohertyImages by - Kim Schubel - Recently we have been looking at where we are taking our little shop and what we wanted to bring all of our customers going forward. This led us down memory lane and back to the reasons we started Schudio Studio in the first place. This is something we haven’t shared with many people, but it is the foundation of what our shop stands for. So here it is! Our why! In 2013 we started our textile brand Schudio. FINALLY! We had spoken of going into business together designing textiles since we met at university in 2004. I guess we were a little scared to give it a...

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Meet the maker - Schudio

What makes you tick? We are a couple of crazy chicks doing our thing. We love; animals, art, colour, Australian made, handmade, singing badly, dancing badly to the cars that drive by the shop and puns - Dad jokes are the best. Tell us we can't do it and we will prove you wrong. Don't mess with us short ladies, we are closer to the ground, we don't have as far to fall.

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